Tommye Dell's Salad Dressing is Brigitte Austin's treasured family recipe, but way too good not to share with the world. Brigitte's daughter said she wanted to have a hand in the endeavor. We took her literally: her hand print graces the label!

Overall the design says fine dining,
while the hand print says home made.

We worked really hard to stand out from the stiff competition on store shelves. The striking black background and goldenrod accent offset the painterly hand print to perfection. This label will never blend in with it's sea of shelf mates.

The original Oil & Vinegar took off and allowed the brand to expand to other flavors and recipes.

Brigitte Austin, Founder and CEO, brought Tommye Dell's to an audition for Shark Tank. Hopefully she gets the deal she needs to expand her brand and product offerings.

The design for the web store was complimentary to the established packaging and brand in place. Having a rotating selection of marinades and salads on the home page kept the view fresh for visitors.