Some of the words we brainstormed for the logo concept were calm, relaxed, quiet, introspective, and luxurious. For Opulent Spa Products, we needed a high-end look that evoked the pampering properties of this luxury spa product line for women.  Delighted with her brand, Christine Bush, President and Founder of OSP, hired us to create her packaging / label design and web site.

Once the logo was a vision of loveliness,
we applied it to the web site and packaging.

What woman doesn't want to relax and feel pampered in the lap of luxury from head to toe? We created bottles, jars, labels and gift bags that reinforce these concepts.

Web Store Design
In addition to showcasing the unique packaging, we had to create a smooth online store from which visitors could make purchases. We provided art direction at the product photo shoot, which is an often overlooked part of the design of a web store. We had to evoke serenity and lavishness with every customer touch point.